Climate of British Columbia

Vancouver is the warmest city in Canada and, at the same time, vast expanses of British Columbia cover many climate zones. Here we can see a lot of wild cats that roam safely on the road passing through the woods. Residents of British Columbia are trying to preserve nature in the form in which it was before the arrival of civilization. British Columbia is the ultimate dream of any Canadian, many Canadians dream of living here. Each year more and more Canadians are moving to British Columbia. The mild climate and amazing nature, fresh air, a lot of lakes and clean forests all of these attract people to live here. Winter in British Columbia is cold enough to have the world-famous ski resort Whistler that located in 120 kilometers to the North of Vancouver. The warm climate in spring and summer and sufficient amount of precipitation through the year let British Columbia to be the owner of more than four hundred parks and six of them are national. British Columbia is amazing place with very pleasant climate.

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